A better way to manage eligibility, claims, and preauthorizations


The miBenefits provider portal

Technology that makes your job easier

At EBMS, we believe that better data drives stronger payer-provider collaboration. That’s why we’ve designed our new provider portal with you in mind.

Whether you’re a physician, dental health provider, practice manager, office manager, or head of Accounts Receivable, we have you covered!

miBenefits portal

Work faster, better, smarter...

When you have instant access to real-time data, you can spend less time processing paperwork and making phone calls. Our 24/7 provider portal is your gateway to smoother, more efficient office workflows. Your patient and your staff benefit from streamlined operations.

Robust functionality improves your experience

What you’ll find in the miBenefits portal:

Dynamic home screen with quick links and key summaries

Eligibility and coverage data in real-time, including deductibles and accumulators

Claims and preauthorization status in real times

Easy uploads of supporting documentation for appeals

Claims-based health summary

Ability to view data for the entire practice, or for a single provider by tax ID

Alerts and notifications when action is required

Assigned access capabilities (your billing agency can log in on your behalf)

How will the miBenefits provider portal benefit you?

Create new efficienciesStreamline workflows, eliminate delays, and free up staff for higher value tasks.

Boost patient satisfactionProvide better service, more timely care, and a more accurate estimate of final bill.

Optimize the revenue cycleTrack claims and appeal denials more efficiently, to improve cash flow and reduce average reimbursement time.

Get started today!

If you used a previous miBenefits portal, your login credentials will no longer work. You’ll need to re-register with your tax ID.

Once you’ve set up the acount, you can add individual providers or key office staff who’ll use the portal. It’s a simple two-step process with just five data fields to fill in. You can even grant access to your medical billing partner.

Questions or problems with registration?

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