New technology
upgrades deliver
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Changes to serve you better!

EBMS has invested heavily to bring you two new technologies that will benefit your clients greatly — along with all their plan members. Some have already migrated to the new platforms. If this is your first time, you and your clients will find great benefit in this technology.

We’re excited to introduce you to:

Best-in-class miBenefits portal

miInsights analytics and reporting platform

The miBenefits portal

An At-a-Glance View of the Information You Need

Our world-class portal provides every stakeholder with easy access to data.

Added functionality by user role:

MembersCheck claims, order ID cards, and more

Plan SponsorsMonitor usage in real-time, generate
custom reports

BrokersView entire book of business or just
one client

The Broker Portal is Here for You!

This new portal allows you to:

Customize notificationsReceive alerts about key events happening
with your clients

Monitor claims more closelyGain full transparency into the claims process

Keep a watchful eye on
stop-loss details
Offer higher-level guidance to clients

Manage the broker hierarchyLimit the information each broker has
access to

If you’ve had clients already migrate to the portal, be sure to log in and take advantage of this technology!

See how we're communicating
the tech rollout to plan

See how we're communicating
the miBenefits portal to plan


Data that puts power to the plan

You've heard about miInsights, our new data and analytics reporting that brings clinical, financial, and operating data together in one powerful engine. Plan performance can now be evaluated for health, risk, member care, cost savings, and so much more.

We have health informatics specialists who are able to interpret data for you to come up with plan reporting that will change how you do your business and how your clients’ benefit plan performs.

But there’s more!
Members can stay connected with our new app.

There’s no need to be out of touch when members are on the go. The miBenefits mobile app puts essential data at members’ fingertips, wherever they are. It includes all the major functions available in the online version.

Available for Apple and Android. Download now!

Our rollout plan

EBMS is managing this tech rollout carefully to ensure a smooth transition. We’ll be communicating with your clients and members in a series of emails about how the technology upgrade will affect them (unless you have previously indicated that you prefer to do the email communications).

You can view the online information created for plan sponsors here and plan members here.


If you have questions, please contact your account manager